Comment on TaskPaper

I like it thus far, but it is definitely not perfect.

1. I like the idea of auto-formatting as you type - but I'd much rather see a full Markdown implementation than the current one. Markdown is easy enough to use and also has the benefit of supporting a lot more things (image embedding, real links, etc.).

2. The iPhone app should support the same skins and better mirror the interface of the Mac app. It is annoying to have the behavior be different between the two.

3. Syncing through yet another solution ( is also just annoying. I run the app, but ideally I'd like it if it synced with Dropbox, Simplenote or MobileMe or all of the above. Seriously why reinvent the wheel every time and force users to run yet another daemon, especially for what amounts to a very limited subset of apps?

Other than that, the interface simplicity is nice and it has definitely replaced the moribund Hit List for my task lists.