Comment on NZBVortex

To use this to it's full potential you have to pay the license fee of $14,95 and
take my word for it it's more than worth it. I have a giganews platinum account
and use 50 simultanious connections. NZBvortex does post processing aswell,
auto repair (par/par2), auto extract, auto cleanup (many options, you can add
file extensions yourself that you want to be cleaned up as well), bandwidth throttling, etc, etc.

The support is great. I've submitted 2 bug reports (a few versions back) and got
response within a day, the next release (a few days after I submitted the bugs) it
was fixed.

Same for new features I suggested. The program doesn't hog cpu/memory resources at all not even when having multiple downloads or when it's post processing.

If you just need a client to download binaries from usenet and don't care about
reading/posting then NZBvortex is by far the best you can get. Pull out the $14,95
for the license as it's more than worth it.