Comment on DateLine

Once, I was completely depending on iCalViewer, an app with some similarities to DateLine.

iCalViewer was my beloved favorite app for years and it's a little bit emotional to separate from it, but, I find DateLine even greater.

DateLine's winning feat is the fact that it manages to 'always be there – yet stay away' in a perfect, zen-like fashion. Instead of showing events with text and everything – as was the case with iCalViewer – this application will let you hover your mouse over dates in order to see your info on each day. Much smarter.

On a less satisfactory note:

I find it somewhat glitchy, when you click on a date with info in it and move your mouse out of way. I may be wrong, but it feels like in 90% of the times you click on a date, its info stays open. And the rest of the times, the info window will go away. So, more robust operation in that regard would be appreciated.