Comment on QuickTime Player X

The listing under "QuickTime X" is not a listing for QuickTime Player, it's for a 3rd party app, a preference pane for QuickTime Player. That listing probably should have been titled "QuickTime X Pref", which is what the developer calls it on their site.

When you hover the mouse over the dock icon, the name that appears is QuickTime Player. When you open the app, the name that appears in the menu bar is QuickTime Player. When you click on the menu item for About QuickTime Player, the name that appears in the description written by Apple is QuickTime Player. The correct name of this Apple app seems to be QuickTime Player (although Apple sometimes refers to it as QuickTime Player X on their site). However, I could not title this listing as just QuickTime Player, because iusethis is currently set up so that if you go to it redirects to the listing for QuickTime Player 7. I've contacted iusethis about this.