Comment on PDF OCR X Community Edition

@shannah fair enough.

  • If you drop a multipage pdf on the window you get a dialog that reminds you that it is in fact a multi page pdf and it will only convert the first page. This dialog should have a checkbox to never show it again, it is beyond annoying to have it popup every time.
    The second dialog box should be a preference, having it popup every time is equally annoying.
    The third dialog that just tells you that the conversion is complete is useless, just show the text window instead directly and only show a dialog if there was a problem.
  • If you drop multiple pfd's on the drop area you sometimes don't get the second dialog asking about how to convert the document. You also don't get the third okay dialog and no text window, instead you get a dialog saying it has saved the converted files to text files. But it only saves one of the files to text, the rest never gets converted.

These are just of the top of my head.