Comment on PDF OCR X Community Edition

@blomma Thanks for the critique. Most of the choices that you criticize were arrived at based on user feedback. They are all based on minimizing support requests. The original UI was more along the lines that you seem to be preferring (with preference panes rather than dialogs), but they tended to result in more support requests from users who needed to be directed through every step of the process. We'll weigh this criticism and possibly introduce an optional "expert mode" for users like yourself that prefer to to have their hand held.

As for the accusation that no time/work has been put into this software and that is merely involves a cobbling together of open source software, I think that's unfair. This app contains over 20,000 lines of original code, including a pre-parser for multi-column pages to recognize formatting before it feeds it to tesseract, and a number of other functions to assist in processing the PDFs into a form that can be handled by tesseract.