Comment on QuickTime Player X

I agree, but I couldn't list it as "QuickTime Player" on, because they redirect from QuickTime Player to QuickTime Player 7. Maybe that made sense at one time, when most Mac users had QTP7 as their default player. But now most Mac users are on Snow Leopard, so their default player is QTP10. I contacted iusethis to ask them to drop the redirect, or change it to redirect to QTP10. No reply yet.
Another user said I should have listed the new player as QuickTime Player X instead of QuickTime Player 10. They have a point; Apple refers to the new QuickTime technology as QuickTime X; the new QuickTime Player is part of QuickTime X; by googling I found that many more people refer to the new player as QuickTime Player X than as QuickTime 10. So I made a new listing for QuickTime Player X and asked iusethis to redirect QTP10 to QTPX. No reply yet. Usually they reply quickly.