Comment on CopyPaste Pro

I have been using CopyPaste since OS9 - this is simply an essential for the Mac. CopyPaste should be standard on all Macs. Imagine only 1 copy and one paste at a time. Impossible for me to use my Mac without CopyPaste. I have about 20 standard "pastes" in the archive which I use daily - and the History collects 100 pastes during the day - from key words to photos to entire paragraphs or documents.

This is a comprehensive multi-copy paste program. The ARCHIVES is a key feature that makes CopyPaste so valuable. Plus you get fast, reliable, full personal tech support - the latest version 2.2.6 includes one modification I requested just a few days ago!

An essential tool - once you have CopyPaste you will never go back to a Mac without it! (I install it on Macs at the Apple Stores before I try them out - otherwise, it's not a Mac for me!!)

Steve on 26 June 2010