Comment on Espresso

Despite its many benefits and niceties, I think development of this product is partially misguided. The same can be said about its main competitor, Coda:

The one key thing that both Espresso and Coda lacks, is a realtime CSS editing facility (as per CSS Edit fashion). Why Espresso doesn't get this right, is a mystery to me:

What's wrong with bundlling the great wysiwyg functionality of CSS Edit into Espresso and jump into pole position? It seems to me that development on CSS Edit has fallen behind more and more during the last few years – something that may fall naturally, since it's almost perfect for what it does. But since Espresso already has a similar (yet strikingly crippled compared to CSS Edit's) wysiwyg facility – why did they reinvent the wheel and not just replicate the whole thing into Espresso?