Comment on CoolBookController

SIGNIFICANTLY increases my battery life
By default, my MBP uses 1.0 V at its min frequency (1.6 GHz), and 1.1625 V at its max frequency (2.5 GHz)

Here's how u set up coolbook:
The MINIMUM VOLTAGE my MBP can run at is 0.9375 V. I want to see how fast I can run my MBP at that low voltage. The answer is 2.2 GHz.

Next I look at the MAX FREQUENCY, and see how little power I can give the MBP and have it still work. The answer to that is a 0.9875 V at the max 2.5 GHz.
And then for good measure, I threw in one value in the middle. So here's my settings:

2261 MHz at 0.9375 V
2394 MHz at 0.9625 V
2527 MHz at 0.9875 V

I earlier said that by default, the lowest voltage my MBP will run at (when at it's MIN frequency of 1.6 GHz) is 1 V. But with Coolbook, even when running at my MAX frequency of 2.5 GHz, I'm only using 0.9875 V. So cookbook lets me run my MBP at it's MAX SPEED and still draw LESS POWER than I would if I were to let it IDLE with the default settings.