Comment on CLIX

The current version now has 5000 (!) command lines. This thing is a thing of beauty and unparalleled versatility & power. It aims to teach as much as do anything, but it does what Cocktail, Onyx, Snow Leo Cache Cleaner, IceClean, MacPilot, and the other 'hidden prefs' & maintenance utilities do, but does them always the PROPER and SAFE way, letting you know exactly what it will do beforehand, and if it requires your ADMIN password, it clears it right after user (unlike aforementioned apps which leave root access enabled, sometimes even writing your PW to disk in plaintext for anyone to read!). Strongly recommended for anyone needing to maintain & customize their Mac, while wishing to learn (as much or as little as you want). Check out their website for lots of internesting ans useful Mac/Darwin info, and some fun and funny reads. Highly recommended!