Comment on SOHO Notes

I would be absolutely lost without this program.
Everyone, of course, has their own way of using it, but here are some of the things I store with it:

- Shopping Crap
-- Product Info (For consumer research)
-- Wish lists (books, albums, dvds I need to buy, etc)
-- Gift ideas for friends (hidden / encrypted)
-- Receipts (although I hate that I cannot directly drag and drop from my inbox)

- Temporary storage for things I need to look at or edit for various projects
-- Research articles for the documentary I'm doing
-- Drum tab I'm working on for a Meshuggah song

- General info for classes
-- Syllabus for each class
-- Professor's contact info
-- Quick overview of what I'm doing / need to do for each class

- Information I need for my documentary
-- Contact lists of cast and crew
-- Schedules for the above
-- Equipment rental information
-- Locations
-- List of current issues / problems I need to deal with

- Directions (webarchived, although it's sometimes a confusing process)

Anyway, I like it. If this kind of thing appeals to you, you may also want to try Yojimbo, which is, as far as I can tell, the exact same thing.