Comment on TuneLyrics

I just got TuneLyrics and I have mixed feelings. It gets lyrics for every song so far, unfortunately only about 75% were the correct lyrics, often it gave lyrics for a totally different song... I didn't throw anything obscure at it either, popular 1960's Motown music. For that reason, I would definitely NOT recommend using this in automatic mode unless you don't care that a good portion of your lyric tags could be wrong.

Artwork search is just Google image search. My album art was already in order so no need to use that feature but I highly doubt it would perform much better than iTunes "Get Album Art" feature does.

Pros: it works most of the time, has a simple interface, and it is very fast
Cons: it doesn't work every time/ it is untrustworthy in auto mode
MyRating: 3 out 5 stars