Comment on mySlips

I can see this developer getting better and better developing for the Mac platform – and it shows in the quality of his apps. I'll also admit the fact that, when seeing most of MOApp's apps, I use to think "whoa, nice".

BUT. There's something about the whole branding of the product series and the company itself, that I've always had a gripe with. From a customer's viewpoint, I really don't want to see "MOApp's myApplication name" slapped onto the windows' titlebars… I also feel there's an ambiguity about whose app it really is. In my opinion, it feels like it's his app, not mine. I'm also put off by the whole 'camelCasing' thing. It's just too geeky, and shows that there's been a programmer in a brand designer's clothes.

If I'd be be the developer – provided the apps gained enough revenue – I'd consult somebody who could make the brand package more appealing to those of us who are aware of (and care for) these things.