Comment on Vienna

This is a mature, well-rounded, solid feed reader - I was so happy to find it because I was so displeased by everything out there. I needed my feeds synced amongst my Macs, yet most if not all of the others had eliminated syncing except to their servers; granted I do have a jimmy-rigged sync set up, but a couple symlinks take care of business and I've never had any data loss. Syncing my feeds to a third party is just another opportunity for my data to be mined... sorry, Google's got all I have to give. (And what is with all this Google Reader integration everywhere?) It's a native Mac app so aesthetically it's pleasant to look at for all the hours I spend looking at it as it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb; functionally, it works like a native Mac app. Built in web-kit browser, which operates in private browsing mode by default, is tremendous - saves having to look at a page to be properly rendered in an external browser. Highly recommended.