Comment on BetterTouchTool

Being able to gesture almost everything is awesome. I've donated to hopefully encourage further development; please do the same if you like BTT, and can spare a few bucks (there's no set price, and it's not mandatory).

My one gripe is that there's a bug in the TipTap and special app switcher combination, which causes the selection in the switcher to rotate rapidly through running apps. It behaves like the tab key is being held down, since the arrow keys don't loop, and it's only going from left to right. Another thing I've noticed is that it only occurs when I haven't invoked the switcher in about five seconds.

Another detail is that the switching seems to follow the key repeat rate followed in the Keyboard preference pane in System Preferences. Repeating the command with the switcher up stops the repetition.

The author is aware of the problem, and it only occurs on some systems, he says. I hope the issue gets fixed. It's the only blemish on an otherwise perfect app.