Comment on PDF OCR X Community Edition

This sort of tool is needed, as too many document online are shared as pdf's. The price, $30 might be well worth it to many, but it's hard to assess that with the very limited free version. Most documents I have tested with have a front page containing a tittle and a date, not enough to see if this tool's got what it takes to get my job done.
As there is hard to find competitors that seems serious, I have to either pay for this one and hope, or give it up. The free "communety edition" seems worthless as a basis for assessing this tools capabilities. It seems to work, kinda, but without testing with real data (lots of pages) it's hard to say.

The GUI also seems to contain some annoying dialogue-boxes, I do not need to most of them. "converting filename..." and "message: conversion complete" are separate popups.. The language/format options I can live with, although I tend to work with the same settings over and over.

But: I we tools like this, only better.