Comment on Quiet Read

Decent enough, although actual RIL/Instapapar syncing would be nice. I bought it pretty quickly after discovering it, but wouldn't have if I'd known it doesn't stay synchronized automatically with RIL.

The UI is also a bit wonky, it's the only menu item I've seen that keeps the menu open even when you click somewhere else. In addition, the menu doesn't stay on top, so any windows you may have clicked on will cover the menu and you have to click the menu item again in order to get it back into its normal un-clicked state.

Overall, I'm sticking with the much more fully featured RIL/Instapapar browser extensions available for Firefox and Chrome and have turned off QuietRead start-on-login. Hopefully it evolves over time into a polished app that can match the featuresets of the freely available browser add-ons.