Comment on PGP Desktop Professional

@miknos , first of all, Truecrypt currently doesn't support System Encryption (Whole Disk Encryption). Second, I do use GPG (gnupg) with Mutt and every other application requiring encryption on my mac. Third, Truecrypt uses MacFuse, which means we 64-bit kernel folk, can't use it.

In any case, this software isn't exactly cheap (~100€), but its worth it. If you are the only user on your computer, you can get rid of Filevault and benefit from it. Time Machine does work w/out forcing you to log out and you essentially get a boot password.

The additional features aren't really interesting for me, I really only use the WDE and encrypted volume features and disable everything else. It's really nice to be able to connect a usb drive and be asked for a password immediately with no fuss.

When MacFuse+Truecrypt get WDE support for the 64-bit MacOS kernel, I'll switch in a heartbeat. Unfortunately right now, this is the only good option for WDE.