Comment on Xtorrent

I have been using Xtorrent for a long time now and I think its added value is mainly search. If you are looking for a barebone client, this is not it. If you looking for something to find stuff quickly and reliably, Xtorrent take is unique to the point that you wish you had the option of using Xtorrent just to find the torrents and another client of choice to download them.

For what is worth, I personally don't agree with the haters. The developer may be rude and arrogant but the features Xtorrent is worth buying are unique and specifically developed for it. The ability to actually download the torrents is not what makes this app useful. Sure, it may be using libtorrent also to probe the torrents during the search but, i really want to stress the fact that there's actual contribution from the developer.

Bottom line, can't live with it can't live without it.