Comment on ExpanDrive

After using Expandrive for two years, I've uninstalled it, as well as MacFuse (which it requires to run).

Expandrive was causing issues on my system since Snow Leopard, and although this isn't clearly explained anywhere, my view is that MacFuse currently is not thread safe, which is a requirement in 64bit Snow Leopard. While 2.1.7 may compile and run, you will eventually run into issues if you have a lot of file I/O going on. Right now the main developer of MacFuse is on to other projects, and there has not been much movement on 64bit support.

Considering how many commercial products (not just Expandrive) depend on MacFuse, I guess a lot of people are hoping it will come back on board at some point. I can do without Expandrive easily, really, using a combination of Transmit, Coda and S3Hub.