Comment on myTexts pro

The application is promising, very thoughtfully and elegantly designed, but MyTexts stores all documents in a proprietary format (you can still open them in another text editor, but they will then be cluttered with metadata, rendering them useless in that format), and I’m really at a loss to understand why a minimalist text editor doesn’t at the very least offer its users the option to store their documents by default in text format, and perhaps in Markdown as well: the proprietary MyTexts format is useless to me, and forced me to ‘export’ my texts to text format every time I wanted to simply save them. The complicated setup seems to trigger stability issues, with the application frequently crashing after I exported texts to another format. The desktop version also needs polishing: one feature it lacks, for instance, is the ability to toggle between full-screen and window view on-the-fly, which is treated as a preference setting rather than something you can switch as you write.