Comment on HyperDock

I've found this app very useful. Its main purpose is to bring Windows 7's Aero Peek and Aero Snap to Mac OS X. Hover over an app's icon in the Dock and it will show you thumbnails of the app's windows. Hover over the thumbnail to preview the window in full size or click it to switch to that window. Drag a window to a screen edge to have it automatically fill the whole screen or just that half of the screen. HyperDock also includes some enhancements to make it easier to move and resize windows and move windows between spaces. Some apps (currently iTunes, iCal, and BusyCal) have special Dock previews to show currently playing song and the day's events. You can also set up different clicks on Dock icons for different actions—for example, you could kill an app by middle-clicking on it.