Comment on Notational Velocity

So, if you came here on one of those "why are people polluting macosxhints and other 'hype' sites on this thing that, on a prima facie, resembles the 5000+ dead clones of" It took me about six months of going through this before I decided to give one of the GitHub forks a try, and I finally gave up Stickies/using flatfiles on unix after way too long. I normally ignore the hype on the mac networks, but this had more credibility since the forks/opensource stuff has clearly won over some of the better known macdev folks, who I have never seen easy to just sell on something.

First, it's open source and free. The SimpleNote integration makes it a real simple app to test, even if you're using EverNote. Second, it's already working to import and export notes. NV nor SimpleNote lock you in; in fact, their API encourages the stuff you can see on their API page.

Took me five minutes to see why people were loving this, and I suggest its worth the try.