Comment on Pixelmator

Preller please, I am not your Dude.

I do not want to waste time to write here things that are on Pixelmator weblog. Just go there and have some reading to understand why some people have a bad feeling with this transition. To understand that some people do not want to pay twice for the same application.
You are free to believe whatever you want from PM. I trusted them when I paid weeks ago the full price for their software. Now they ask me to pay to enter their new shop : but what do I have to pay for except something I have already paid ? What will be in the 2.x and the new Mac App Store update I have to pay for ? Many people asked PM team : no answers yet.

I wrote my previous comment to warn people here about the situation. I've studied the in and the out of the situation and my conclusion is : Pixelmator team choose the worst way to do the transition to Mac Apple Store. Hope it will help some.