Comment on Paperless

Yesterday, I tried Paperless 2.0. I was very surprised at how many document types it supported, as a matter of fact it accepted every document I threw at it. It even supports Safari webarchives, PDF and HTML from directly within Safari. For me this is very handy when viewing credit card statements and my online banking.

With Paperless 2.0 you can track any data with the ability to customize the fields.

I spent all afternoon transferring my documents from iDocument to Paperless 2.0, adding, deleting, editing and scanning. Not once did Paperless crash, document was crashing about every other scan. I am amazed at how it takes each document an analyzes the content using text recognition and fills in the fields with the amount due and the date due. You can scan a multi-page bill/document and combine it into one document.

I am giving it 5 stars right down the line because I can't find a single feature I need that it doesn't have and I love it.