Comment on Mini vMac

Using miniVmac 3.2.1 but under Linux, not OSX.

Due to the way the intervening time has passed, there is a difficulty using older diskette images in miniVmac. A stock miniVmac will emulate a Macintosh Plus, provided YOU can extract a ROM file from a living Macintosh Plus that YOU own.

Problem is, so many modern Mac users started on or continue to use newer Macintosh models, and aren't SUFFICIENTLY familiar with older hardware. Why is this important? MANY floppy disk 'images' don't work with the emulated Macintosh Plus because the most popular disk images are 1.4 meg floppy images, which are created by and created for a system that has a 1.4 meg floppy drive (a 'Superdrive').

Why is that important? Because a Macintosh Plus NEVER had a 1.4 meg floppy drive, and never could support them using the ROM found in the real Macintosh Plus. The available disk images leaves a gap in what you can install into an emulated Mac Plus - some unique disks images just aren't what a Plus can read.