Comment on Stapler

Great free app for osx that takes no time at all to learn.

Stapler is a word processor like textedit (or notepad for Windows) that edits .rtf files. But unlike textedit where you might have several small files open at once or one long file that is hard to navigate, Stapler lets you see multiple .rtf files in one window in a number of panels that are stacked one on top of the other. The panels can be reordered, collapsed to show only the first line, and checked off as completed.

These features are helpful for creating to-do lists with multiple steps, writing large documents with multiple sections, brainstorming outlines that can be reorganized on-the-fly, or taking notes in class.

I love this app for taking notes in class because the panels are automatically time-stamped to show the day of creation. I like to use one panel per important topic and keep only the relevant topics at full size. I can navigate, reorder, open, and collapse panels using only the keyboard. It's great!