Comment on Thrupp

The first commenter obviously hasn't used this program. Yes, you can drag music from iTunes into any drive, but Thrupp takes care of a lot of management duties for you. For example, it will read your iTunes library file and keep track of what songs you have already synced to the drive. It will also recreate the Artist/Album/Song folder structure on the target drive. If you don't want to copy over whole albums, you would have to create these folders manually if you copied files on your own. Finally, and this is the big one, Thrupp will convert to another format before copying the file over to the drive. This is important if you keep lossless (large) files on your main iTunes library drive, but want smaller compressed files on the target drive or MP3 player. All of these things would be a laborious, multi-step process if you tried to do this manually with a large number of songs. End result: very useful. Great program, but needs updating for the latest iTunes library formats.