Comment on ServeToMe

I'be tried a few of these streaming applications so I could watch content on my iPad2, including PlayOn and Plex. While there's overlap, ServeToMe isn't as broad a solution as the others, and probably for that reason, it works exceptionally well!

1. It doesn't have to start when you logon; you can start it when you need it. When you're done, it's simple to turn off.

2. Transcodes on the fly, and I only know that 'cause the website said so. Listen, I turn it on, and I walk away with my iPad, and the iPad recvs my video seamlessly. THAT'S how this is SUPPOSED to work -- do you know ANYTHING about how your TV gets its picture? DAMN RIGHT YOU DON'T. AND YOU DON'T CARE!

HURRAH FOR IGNORANCE! (Tongue in cheek. The point is is that this is as easy to use as your TV.)