Comment on Dropbox

When I stared using an external USB drive as my primary work drive, I felt like I had been liberated because I could work ANYWHERE.

I was pretty skeptical about Dropbox. I installed it and tinkered a little.

Without using it, it slowly dawned on me that the beauty to Dropbox is that I'm working in a local directory -- not an external drive or a network drive. It's a LOCAL directory that gets synced to the Dropbox server in the background.

Surely, since I work on Windows and Macs and Linux there's no way it'll handle all that gracefully.

You know what? It handles the differences pretty seamlessly! In fact, I was making more of a mess with Unison and my external drive while Dropbox was keeping everything sync-ed properly.

Today: no more external drive. I'm proud to support Dropbox with a paid subscription!