Comment on 1Password

The most awesome and useful tool in your tool belt.

It enables me to work seamlessly across my iPhone, iPad, Windows and MAC machines. It syncs flawlessly over my Dropbox account, launches and logs into accounts (usually with a few clicks) and has intuitive interfaces.

I'm not big on spending money on "utility" software. I ran a very successful $10M SaaS business and we mostly utilized open source systems, software, etc., so whenever I go looking for a tool, I usually look to open source first. I've been attempting to use open source for this solution, but it was a hack moving across all the varying platforms, and then the functionality was poor.

1Password solves all the issues I had, keeps their solution fresh and evolving with available and emerging technologies, has an incredible and wonderful customer service attitude and are committed to their customers.

This is an awesome and complete solution that covers all your needs, and more!! BUY IT!!