Comment on Entropy

@fredsarran : Hi, here's a quick overview.

(Disclosure: I'm the author of Entropy)

- Preview: Use Quick Look on files inside archives
- Scriptable: You can control Entropy using AppleScript/Python
- Finder Integration: Create/Extract archives directly from Finder
- Over 30 formats supported
- Convert existing archives to other formats
- Fine tunable: Auto-extract & quick save modes, file filters, auto-encoding detection, etc
- Performance: Most archivers for Mac are simply front-ends for command-line archivers. In contrast, Entropy directly reads/writes archives (with the exception of rar). As a result, you will notice that Entropy is faster than other archivers.

To the best of my knowledge, other archivers only implement a small subset of the features above, if any at all. If you compare it to other full-featured archivers, Entropy is fairly priced; For instance, Stuffit Deluxe retails for ~$50.