Comment on Adobe Reader

What the funk? 415 mb to install something you already have just so you could view pdf's with embedded flash and videos? That's just sick. No way I'm installing that crap. In fact I'm trying to get rid of Adobe altogether. I had their bloated software more and more and especially their custom installers.

I already dropped photoshop for Pixelmator although lacking in features it's a lot faster.
Flash is a dead end, so is adobe air. It's all HTML 5 now.
PDF is included on mac by default and not only a viewer.
Dreamweaver is bloatware and professionally I don't use it anymore.
Fireworks is about the only app aside from their video related tools I would buy.
Coldfusion builder is just code slapped on top of Eclipse.
Railo server is much better than Coldfusion anyway.

Seriously Adobe needs a reboot.