Comment on TuneLyrics

I use TuneLyrics in combination with Get Lyrical. If one does not find the lyrics the other does. I like the TuneLyrics options to auto-search with google for you if you are out of luck. Sometimes the lyrics might be listed under a different artist (or album), that is something you need to clue out sometimes. :D

How to use? Start playing a song in iTunes whilst TuneLyrics is open and bingo. The TuneLyrics window will show the lyrics, click Accept for them to auto-copy to the song. Click Google if it cannot find the lyrics.

One advantage of Get Lyrical is you can simply select the songs to tag with lyrics (can select lots of songs at once.) I think this would be a great improvement if added as an ability to TuneLyrics, no need to play the song first. This would speed the process up for lyric tagging an entire album.