Comment on Lingon 3

Lingon 3 is now available for Lion. And it sucks. Sorry; I hate to disparage a hardworking developer, but the limitations of this release can't be ignored. There's a fine line between easy to use and no longer useful, and it looks like the App Store has forced this into the latter.

I don't really begrudge paying $3 for the new version, since I've used the old one free for so long. But the inability to run agents/daemons as root, or even see most existing agents/daemons, is a ridiculous limitation to impose. The lack of options or info is breathtaking.

This wouldn't be a problem if there were an alternate (i.e. REAL) version of this for pro users, but Apple has once again cornered us into its crayon-scrawl vision of usability. Sorry to rant, but they're forcing developers to dumb down their products for their blessing and promotion. TERRIBLE.