Comment on Nisus Writer Pro

I've been using this since beta testing. While I miss some of the pre-X functionality, The current version Works well enough for my purposes. That is, publishing a newsletter, writing articles, books and research papers. Nisus has helped me publish two books and many short stories and articles. Since I use three "foreign" languages, Nisus becomes a necessity. I'm especially impressed on how right-to-left Hebrew is so neatly and easily (I just change keyboards and Nisus takes care of all the dreary work) inserted into the English text. I'm satisfied with the import speed and ..... but really wish they'd bring back all the indexing and stuff that was lost in moving from system 9 to X. The Macro Language is really handy at times. None of my work is done with outside input so tracking changes doesn't really matter to me, though it would be handy for marking up; the differences in different versions. Priced so reasonably you just can't pass this one up!