Comment on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

My two biggest beefs with this package are: One, that you can NOT combine layers using an effect like multiply, which means if you got black line art on a white background and you want to color under it -- you can't -- you must use Photoshop and import a transparent layer source. (And don't get me started on problems with Photoshop compatability with layers.) Two, while they totally got pressure sensitivity and smoothness down from the tablet, they are totally lacking in the angle the pen is at, when supported by the tablet, a brush doesn't behave like a real brush (the taper following 180 degrees from the direction of travel), and the pencils don't look like graphite in texture, nor can you substancially create larger brush sizes of them. This is a fantastic tool that is sitting on the edge of being successful, but it's price tag is holding me back. As it is, I wouldn't want to spend more than $49-$69 on it; it they fixed it to do the two things mentioned above, it's easily be worth $120-$140. The interface, though, rocks.