Comment on MenuEverywhere

@entropy - Yes, I'm quite a fan of Fitts' Law, I think it works quite well for most users, which is why MenuEverywhere includes adding that very same primary screen menubar to all your other secondary screens.

You seem to complete dismiss the fact that ME has the Fitts' approved screen-top menu option. I take it you do not have a multi monitor setup or probably did not use/ MenuEverywhere or view the screencast, so no harm done, you probably didn't know better. I understand.

Have you ever used a 13" MacBook attached to a 27" display? Did you notice how Fitts' Law fails on the monitor which doesn't have a menu bar? You'd have to go all the way to the other screen to select items. ME solves that for multi monitor users by replicating the menu bar on top of all screens.

As for the window top menu bar, which you have been referring to, that is mainly used with one large monitor. Elderly users use ME's window top or pop up menu to reduce RSI and to increase the font size.