Comment on MenuEverywhere

@entropy - Your comment does not make sense. What I said IS intellectually honest as you would put it, since:

The screen-top menu bar which I referred to was already a feature in MenuEverywhere since 1 November 2010. That's 382 days ago from my comment 8 days ago or 281 days ago from your 101 day old comment. So, I don't see where intellectual honesty is from your side?

As for font sizes, they have always been an option since the first version, and since 6 October 2010 I have added even more font sizes (408 days from my comment 8 days ago and 307 days from your 101 day old comment). So again, I don't see intellectual honesty from your end.

You can verify my release notes at Feel free to contact me to clarify any misconceptions you may have.

I try to be as clear as possible and definitely honest about my products - I don't take what keeps food on my kid's table lightly. It's more than just work for me.