Comment on QuickTime Pro

QuickTime Pro allows one to unlock the "pro" features of the QuickTime player. This allows one to play movies in full screen, save and convert audio and video formats, and do limited editing with in it's window. Users of some of Apple's Pro applications, like FCP (Final Cut Pro) will be given a licence when they purchase the Pro app. A new licence will have to be purchased every time apple does a major revision, from QT 6 to 7, and likely from 7 to 8. At 30 bucks it isn't too bad, but a necessity to keep those Pro applications working if one has upgraded. Paying for the Pro licence will also allow one to save many different kinds of web delivered movies.

Note: Some encoding plug-ins, like MPEG-2 will still have to be purchased.

See the QuickTime Player description for more information.