Comment on Quicksilver

I use this many many times every day. You can use it in a simple fashion just to launch applications, but as you become comfortable with it you can accomplish so much more.

It gets the most use from me when I want to search something in wikipedia, amazon, google, etc. Invoke quicksilver at any time and you can enter a short command that will not only launch your browser, but also enter the search for you and bring you straight to the results.

If I have a document open I can tell quicksilver to take that document and compose a new email with it as an attachment to a specific person in my address book. All of this is done with only a couple keystrokes, as quicksilver learns what you do most and guesses what you're typing.

It can also move files, rename them, copy them, open them with a different application, resize images, re-format images—the list goes on. Most importantly, it's easy to use for just the simple things so you don't need to be an expert to start using it.