Comment on LaunchBar

Awesome app; been using this daily for years.

The practical stuff; previously used Quicksilver, which has a nicer looking UI, but that aside LaunchBar is more reliable, faster, easier to setup and consumes less system resources. It is also subject to ongoing development, which did not appear to be the case for Quicksilver when I switched.

In terms of usage; increased productivity arrives quickly, however it is worth taking some time to study the training materials. Once done it pays off big time; the ability to perform and to get at so many different things on your computer with so few key strokes is very convenient and speeds up most interactions with OSX.

I was going to list a few things I regularly use it for, however the review size limit prevents, have a look at the videos on the LaunchBar website to get a flavour.

If you use OSX a lot, then then this should really be at the top of your shopping list, landing on a box without it feels like a return to the dark ages.