Comment on Sandvox

Working with Sandvox went very smoothly and quickly, absolutely perfect. I have my site ready now, I ran a demo version for some time, and your crew really helped me out well when I had questions or done something stupid;-).

What made me decide to buy Sandvox is that I expect Apple to discontinue iWeb in the near future and the way Sandvox works. It's ever so easy to build a good looking site with Sandvox, just like iWeb that I was used to, for the last 4 years. How I knew about Sandvox was through the Apple forum, iWeb thread. I also downloaded a demo version of another company, but I didn't like it as much as Sandvox. I feel at home with Sandvox, just like I did iWeb.

Thank you all your help, you have a great team ! And thank you for Sandvox.