Comment on properVOLUME

Functionally, it's what Apple should have included with OS X from the start. I won't even try to catalog my frustrations with the stock Sound preferences. The number of clicks and screens you have to go back and forth between just to set up input and output volumes is ridiculous. And worse, you can't do anything to an audio device without first making it the default. If you keep more than one audio device plugged into your mac, it's a nightmare.

properVOLUME solves all that and does it with a quick, beautiful little menubar app that is light on resources and out of your way until you need it and then when you do, it's all right there making it quick, easy, and intuitive to keep all your audio devices set up exactly how you want them without having to use the clunky sound preference pane.

All that for the price of a beer.