Comment on AppFresh

I'm going to point out that each of the comments regarding version 1.0 are similar: it still doesn't work well and it's too expensive. I totally agree:

1) It still doesn't handle version numbers robustly

2) It relies on each program's admin on iusethis to update version numbers rather than appfresh reporting them so that iusethis can be up to date (come on guys, there should be a little coordination between you two -- it's the top used app on this website (of course because it auto-reports itself) with almost 3x as many users as the next highest app, perhaps have an "unofficial" latest version number as reported by appfresh?...)

3) $5 would be a much more reasonable asking price for something of such limited usefulness (a program that only alerts you to new versions of your software).

Even though I very often support small time developers with my money, I will also not be purchasing it for the above reasons.