Comment on SuperDuper!

When it comes to your Mac, this product is a lifesaver. First, it's relatively inexpensive, you can download the software to try the full version before you buy, and you apparently get lifetime upgrades with your paid license; nice! But this isn't just about money.... I'm a computer specialist (Mac, PC, Unix, Linux) who believes strongly in backups. Why? Because people come to me terribly upset when their hard drives die (and they DO die, fairly often), and I tell them there's nothing they can do but spend a grand or more on data recovery. Very sad. For the price of a few cups of coffee at your local cafe, plus an external hard drive, you can have automated, bootable piece of mind. Take it from me, this is the best backup solution. Aside from backing up your computer, your backups are bootable, which means you can replace and even upgrade your hard drive super easily with a backup-and-restore procedure. Safe, effective and proven time and time again. Best product ever!