Comment on Keyboard Maestro

While long-time King-of-the-Mac-Macro Hill, QuicKeys, was slowly eroding from lack of maintenance, Stairways Software was perfecting its flagship program, Keyboard Maestro.

Over the years QKs had developed into an extremely powerful and useful tool, but began to feel like it was just adding odd peg-boards to hang new tools from. It just became too ungainly and slow in all respects.

Keyboard Maestro’s developer seems to have gotten all the functionality that Mac users have come to expect in a hotkey program -- and yet kept it lean and fast. Once you get used to the macro assembly process in KM, you can put them together almost second nature, and once in operation, they run like they’re part of the app in play, rather than a tool that’s called in from out on the sidelines.

The trial is generous and full-functioning. Just be careful how many macros you put together during it; it becomes just too hard to give ’em up when the trial ends. That’s what happened to me!