Comment on Media Rage

I wanted to like this aplication "A LOT" - but I can't. It does do a lot and looks very powerful. But I just can't get over the small things that bother me about the interface. I like my MP3 taggers in one main window, sort of like iTunes main window. And this seems to me like a collection of many disjointed tools that get launched from a launch pad window.

Some tools are very nice, but even there they are missing little touches. For instance, the art finder only has a few Amazon sites (it missed Canada and France) plus there are a number of other sites for covers that contain much better scans with higher resolutions. The main issue is that the "Search" allows you only to type ONE data field. You can pick bwteen Album name or Artist name but you cannot pick BOTH to search on. So you may end up with a results list that is 100 or more lines long - and now you will have to look at those manually to pick the one you want.

The best taggers that have ever been written (in my opinion) are Tag&Rename along with Dr. Tag. Unfortunately they're both Windows-only. :(