Comment on Loop Editor

This is some pretty useful stuff! Simplifies creation of audio loops, and looks nice to boot. Pretty quick & responsive, and seems stable so far in my testing. Unfortunately, parts of it feel sort of like a beta release... For instance, you can turn on 'Crossfade,' but the crossfade 'time' stays stuck at 0.00 seconds, and makes no difference. The curve slider next to it does nothing as well.

One further thing is that zooming in on the waveform past the amplitude of the wave in the detail viewer shows the wave as clipped. It would be nice if this was an option instead of the only behavior... Not that it makes all that much difference, but it was a bit disorienting at first (thinking, "I'm not actually altering the waveform am I? It's not actually going to clip is it?" &c.)

Overall, it's great... and free to boot! Worth the download if you have to do any looped phrase sampling or anything of the sort.